This is the personal website of Cody Lewis.

You can find the old website here: http://alumni.cs.ucr.edu/~lewisc/index.html

My History

Jobs, projects, tech stuff.


I currently work at Formlabs, where I develop software that makes our printers great.


Red9 helps users draw insights from large amounts of dynamic motion sensor data. Our technology helps athletes perform better with the equipment that they already have, and helps designers build the latest in high performance products.

At Red9 I developed the hardware recorder PCB and firmware, an Android app, a data analytics web platform, and a marketing website.


Check out libpropeller for an open source, lean and efficient C++ library optimized for the Parallax Propeller.

B.S. Computer Science

I graduated in 2012 with a degree in computer science from the University of California, Riverside. Besides classwork at UCR, I spent a year as Vice Chair of the IEEE student branch, and three years as a Resident Advisor for an engineering residence hall.

I avoid most social media, but there’s a few technical sites that I like to hang around on:

GitHub | Stack Exchange | Parallax Forums


Have questions or want to get in contact? Email me at website@srlm.io