Board Games

These are games that we own and play.

Picture Title  
Azul Fun game for people who aren’t into games, easy to explain and short
Bananagrams Good for restaurants
BANG! Difficult to explain, leaves people sitting around after they’re killed
Betrayal at House on the Hill Easy to get started, but difficult if a new player is the traitor
Carcassonne Big Box  
Codenames Works well with large, non-gammer groups, a very social game
Cover Your Assets  
Hive A more basic equivalent to chess, not much room for expansion
Paperback Great word game
Settlers of Catan Classic
Settlers of Catan, Cities and Knights  
Settlers of Catan, Traders and Barbarians  
Seven Wonders  
Seven Wonders Duel Definitely the way to go for a two player game
Seven Wonders Duel: Pantheon A minor expansion, ok-ish
Starfarers Of Catan  
Swish Good for restaurants, and probably the most intense mind game in this list
Wingspan Fun, but hard to teach
Skull King Great group game
The Bears and the Bees  
Dominion & Intrigue Big Box  
Istanbul Big Box  
Camel Up  

Board Game TODO List

These are games that I’d like to try and maybe buy.

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